The Bee Club

Members of a Apiary examining the hive

Show me the honey mummy

Close to our home, there is a woodland trail. Off to one side are some fields and tucked within one corner is the beginning of an apiary. A Bee Club has been formed and the members are taught how to care and manage their own hives, becoming proficient in Apiculture. Soon this little spot will be a “hive” of activity (couldn’t resist it, sorry).

This season, I was rewarded with a very large crop of cooking and eating apples. They say you need at least a thousand hours of frost, which we definitely had. The loan of a pony to eat the grass verges gave us the added bonus of free fertiliser. All this greatly helped the crop.

But the majority of the work was from our new neighbours, buzzing between the bogland, woodland and our garden. I think I’ll join the Bee Club. Apart from pollinating our trees, I eat a lot of honey…


~ by boredwitless on August 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Bee Club”

  1. Oh, I like this shot. I’m allergic to Bee stings – makes my skin crawl just looking at the bees here, but thanks for sharing. The thought of eating a lot of honey sounds great to me.

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