Death of a Squirrel

A Red Squirrel that was killed by our cat.


One of our cats (“Tom”) killed this little fellow. His original job spec was too keep rodents under control around the ditches that are close to our home. Along with his sister (“Mary”) they have proved to be quite effective hunters. However they also seem to be quite adept at killing all manner of small birds and creatures. There is a distinct reduction in the number of Robins also.

Our neighbour had called over to inform us that she had been watching Tom teasing something in the garden and then realised it was a Red Squirrel. She wondered if we could get it away from him before he killed it. Sadly we were too late and this beautiful little creature died in terror. Tom dived in a few times and snatched the Squirrel back, growling. It took a swipe of a very fine twig close to his arse, before he scampered off.

This killing has saddened me greatly as the Red Squirrel is under serious threat from the non native Grey Squirrel, losing territory rapidly. Luckily we are surrounded by plantation and old native forest which are home to a strong population. This little guy must have been visiting our Oak Tree and the various trees around our property. If only I had been a few minutes earlier.

For such an incredibly stupid cat,I am quite stunned and saddened that he managed this.


~ by boredwitless on August 26, 2010.

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