Good or bad day on the beach? Who knows…

yellow flip flops at Carrowmore Strand, Louisburgh, Co Mayo,Ireland.

Take me home please, I'm freezing.

Out walking along Carrowmore Beach near Louisburgh. Co Mayo, I came across these abandoned flip flops sitting on the pier, all alone. It got me thinking, how do you forget your yellow flip flops? Did the owner just arrive home and “damn it, I drove home in my bare feet again?”

Had they arrived at the beach expecting a fantastic day of sun, fun and splash? Or did they try and brave the windy, rain swept dunes, eating sand drenched sandwiches, followed by a seizure inducing dip in our tropical western waters? Did they run desperately, sensation disappearing from blue coloured limbs as they evacuated the beach? “Everyman for himself.” Or is there some child still crying their eyes out, not because they lost their flip flops, but at the incessant rant from Mammy. “I warned you not to lose them”. The smell of damp clothes mingling with steamy anger as the sobs struggle between snotty breaths. We will never know.

At the last of the light, I left the beach to a few squaking gulls hovering above an overflowing rubbish barrel. Camera jammed under my fleece, the rain increased in tempo. Ah Summer.


~ by boredwitless on August 16, 2010.

One Response to “Good or bad day on the beach? Who knows…”

  1. There’s no such thing as a bad day at the beach – in my opinion. Great shot!

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