What do the Gods Think?

Pilgrims on Croagh Patrick

You go up and then you come down

This island I live on is in deep shit. So much has gone wrong over the least few years, a lot of people are struggling to find a way of dealing with our new reality. The dreaded spectre of emigration (not boats but air travel this time) as poverty rears it’s all too familiar head. We really have not got a clue, have we? We have gone from boom to bust in the shortest time possible. Future historians will not be be able to catalogue the “Celtic Tiger”, Ireland’s Golden Age. Gone in a blip!

We are like stunned rabbits as our Government scratches it’s arse, mumbles ineffectively and treats it’s citizens with refined contempt. Apparently we are known as the Fighting Irish, what a joke. If you ever wanted to study the effects of colonisation, monitor our continuous non reaction to wave after wave of draconian cuts and dictats. Baaaa! Our health system is fast becoming 4th World, it is safer to go to Africa and get ill. The next generation better get the hell out of here asap or be condemned to pay back billions to the banks that caused this mess. As a proud small nation we have once again become colonised (this time economically) by the small few that control global wealth. What a waste, so many dreams and so many chances destroyed in a frenzy of greed and corruption.

And yet there are those who put their fate in the hands of their God. Scratch the surface (not too deeply) and Ireland is still very much a deeply religious society. For all our progress, superstition and religion run deeply through our veins, crap only saw one Magpie while driving. “Bong”, bless yourself it’s the Angelus. Every year during the month of August, pilgrims make the tough climb to the top of Croagh Patrick and offer their prayers to God.

It is hard not to ignore the bolted church at the top of the summit. It deeply symbolises the church’s stance towards it’s people. A law unto themselves, ruled by a Vatican dictatorship. It really honours the statement “the older you get the more right wing you become”. This is accepted by a government unwilling to root out the cancer, they are running scared as if Papa Pope has a file on each of them. Maybe he does…

Still the pilgrims arrive at the summit and talk with their God. Women and children dominate the crowd, unpreturbed by the religous apartheid and abuse bestowed upon them. Now that I find amazing.

There is something quite tangible about this climb, no religious revelations or acceptance of blind faith. The reward is spectacular beauty as the clouds lift and you view the scape below. It is an achievement, very hard on the legs but good for the soul. Then you remember that your VISA bill is due and that the car tax is up. Ah well, back down you go again. It is so humbling (or annoying, not sure which) to watch those much older than you, strike out for the summit, arrive and offer their prayers and go back down. Wow! they can move. They have seen it all before. Along with the Supreme Being, I wonder what they think of the mess we have made (again)?

Is that laughter I hear from the heavens? Laugh away, you dont have to live in Ireland.


~ by boredwitless on August 12, 2010.

One Response to “What do the Gods Think?”

  1. Wow. Mr B I never knew you could write like that. Hurrah!

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