Not a chance

Church in kamares, Sifnos, Greece.

The joy of escaping to the sun.

We have a wet season from the middle of June to the End of August, it’s been like that for the last four years. Our good weather usually happens in May for a few days, maybe some good weather in September. Otherwise it’s a complete wash out, year after year. They bombard us with sexed up advertisements to holiday in Ireland, a “staycation” as they are calling it. They are trying to shame us into holidaying at home. You have to be kidding me. We live here for fifty weeks of the year and watch our country slide into the toilet. They want us to holiday here, in over priced accommodation, in restaurants that rip you off and alcohol prices that beggar belief. We all need a respite from the daily grind and a “staycation” is not the answer. I do empathise with those that are really struggling as they economy dives and I do wish that things pick up. Considering the mess the banks and the government have put us in, they should be compelled by law to send every family away to the sun for a break.

Yes we have stunning scenery and miles of coastline, but wearing a fleece in July as you stroll along a windswept Irish beach does not wet my whistle. The Americans and the Europeans are welcome to the romance of it all. There are too many holiday memories spent in a car peering through fogged up windows as the rain pelted incessantly. The horrific memories of mud oozing into the tent, I’m sure I suffer from post traumatic stress. I love my country but living here is hard enough, you can keep your advertisements. No thanks, I’m off. My loyalty lies in my pocket. Cheap flights, great food, value for money and most importantly, fantastic weather. People ask me what I did for my holidays and I tell them gladly, I did the math and went to the sun.

We all need sunshine and value and you dont get any here.


~ by boredwitless on August 10, 2010.

One Response to “Not a chance”

  1. Enjoyed the read, made me laugh out loud.

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