Car Parking Tax – Do me a Favour!

So now the government is throwing another tax our way, €200 a year for the privilege of grabbing a space in work (if you are lucky).  If you dont get a space well you can always use paid parking elsewhere.  Come on down folks, it’s a double whammy!

 It begs the question, if you pay this extra tax then you must be guaranteed a space? 

Car Parking Tax

Do not pass go!

The Green Bike Brigade must be delighted, but will they pay for the convenience of using a bicycle rack, or the nearest railings.  Absolutely not!  Tax them for being a menace to motorists and for the use of those cake decoration bicycle lanes.  Car drivers are over taxed.     

According to “Climate”  it is part of the drive (no pun intended) to reduce our dependency on cars and to get us to cycle, car pool or use public transport.  It has nothing to do with raising more revenue for the all consuming black hole.

Public transport, I really love the concept.  As for cycling, it might take a little longer from Leitrim to Dublin.  Like many others I commute, oh yes silly me.  As for car pooling, I dont think so.  The absolute pleasure of getting into my car, the solid clunk as you seal yourself in and turn on the radio. It’s quality “me time”.  I like to share but not that much.  Personally, you can stick car pooling where the sun dont shine.  There’s a time for company and there’s a time for me.    

Do any of these “educated people” realise life exists beyond the suburbs?  Do they really think that by charging for a parking space they will reduce the amount of cars.  Bless their innocence.  If a driver has to fork out €200, you can be guaranteed they’ll use the space.  Hate to burst your bubble, but you really aint got a clue.  

However, in the interests of parity, a  recommendation for other tax raising facilities for the lads in Leinster House.  “Going forward” as they like to say.

  • Compulsory bike riding tests
  • Annual bike tax
  • Compulsory bike servicing
  • NCT for cyclists  
  • Parking tax for cyclists
  • Compulsory visibility jackets
  • Compulsory head gear
  • Air refill

~ by boredwitless on May 26, 2010.

One Response to “Car Parking Tax – Do me a Favour!”

  1. Taxes like this work on the presumption that imposing a financial penalty will cause people to change their behaviour, ie. swtich from cars to public transport. But what happens when that public transport option is available and the tax is too small to affect beahviour(at current dublin parking rates you would run up a bill of €200 in less than 10 days)? There is a marginal impact on behaviour and the majority of people get hit for the tax. Its crazy stuff. As I understand the proposal it is likley to raise a maximum of €10 million per annum – how much will it cost to administer? Employers (Public and private) wil be responsible for collecting the tax from their employees which measn more headaches introducing yet another payroll tax. Will employers have to collect a straight €200 of everyone in the company or will it be pro rata (10 car parking spaces for 20 people means that all pay €100 each?) What about employees without cars, who are unable to drive since they do not have a license? Another crazy feature of this ill thought out sop to the Greens (who I am not sure actually represent the views of those with legitimate environmental concerns – if that was the case they would attempt to implement a policy which those who are not concerned about environmental issues people could buy into) is that it will be piloted within the North Circular and South Circular roads in Dublin. So if you work on oneside of this road you pay the €200 and if your work on the other side you pay nada.

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